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Bike Race Level by DoubleSSRaceZ: 0a6vwj
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created by : DoubleSSRaceZ on 2016-04-15

Skill needed find the fastest way multiple routes with different endings elite sc track frame by MarkA yes that MarkA

DoubleSSRaceZ Apr-15-2016 11:38

This is my first level I used some of the framework of another level by MarkA thanks for the frame.I plan to make multiple levels in the future but my own next time. Post your best time below and tell me how you liked it. Thanks!

MarkA Apr-15-2016 12:13

Are you for real?

DoubleSSRaceZ Apr-15-2016 12:16

DoubleSSRaceZ Apr-15-2016 12:16

Thanks for the level.

MarkA Apr-15-2016 12:18

How can you call this "your"first level?

MarkA Apr-15-2016 12:19

You should try and make your own level instead of destroying another.

MarkA Apr-15-2016 12:25

You didn't add to a level you butchered my level.

BRLawa Apr-15-2016 12:26

Several segments in this level are stolen/carbon copies of this level. This level is basically a butchered version of the one I linked to. And since you decided to do that, you must give credit where credit is due.

DoubleSSRaceZ Apr-15-2016 12:26

Without you I would have a horid first level.

EpJet25 Apr-15-2016 12:27

nice level. nice use of time and nice manners.

MarkA Apr-15-2016 12:27

Check out the video at the top of the page how to create a level. It has a lot of useful tips that will help you make your own level

MarkA Apr-15-2016 12:30

Well you changed the tone of this conversation. I will give you that one free. If you don't change your attitude you will be gone. I gave you advice on how to make a better level. No need to be a huge dick.

DoubleSSRaceZ Apr-15-2016 12:36

OK sorry I didn't know ill give you cred

MarkA Apr-15-2016 12:44

I am not and was not looking for credit. My question "are you serious" was a real question. I thought you were trying to be funny or something by doing that to the level. FYI you can mod peoples levels and re post them. You must give them credit like BRLawa said and the level can't be destroyed. I guess if you were really trying to make it a new level it can stay. Please watch the video. It will help.

DoubleSSRaceZ Apr-15-2016 01:09

I was sorry just started this don't know much of cans and cannots so my bad

DoubleSSRaceZ Apr-15-2016 01:09

And btw did you beat it

BRLawa Apr-15-2016 01:36

I suggest reading the FAQs.

FireWalls Apr-15-2016 01:50

27.17 editor yes I can beat it.

MarkA Apr-15-2016 03:25

22.94 Acro second try. The lines you added make no sense. Just randomly placed.

BRRaden Apr-16-2016 12:53

Get rid of lines that you can't touch with the bike and aren't decor. Try making simple levels (I should learn this too XD). Get used to the tools and place every piece of track carefully. It should look neat. And yes, please read the FAQ's and watch the vid. Each decent level should take at least 20 minutes to make, probably longer for beginners. Good luck! :) (Give credit next time.)

noobandimsorry Apr-16-2016 01:16

I agree except for the fact that I make each level over 25 minutes. Mostly work on time.

EpJet25 Apr-18-2016 09:27

Wow. Editing your comments, Double? Just to make MarkA look stupid. Give up on life

EricA Oct-12-2016 06:52

27.8 editor

Average Rating: 1.00

MarkA has 12 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 17. FYI.