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pole Nov-08-2018 08:29

Nice, 10/10 rating from me.

goodmandrew12gm Nov-08-2018 08:30


goodmandrew12gm Nov-08-2018 08:33

And also when I login correctly I have commenting rights removed.

pole Nov-08-2018 09:46

Ahh, that must stink. I don't have rating rights, because I don't own a facebook account.

pole Nov-08-2018 09:53

You just make tracks, or do you really play the game.

goodmandrew12gm Nov-08-2018 11:22

Sometimes I play bikerace. Usually I play Minecraft. Sometimes I create bikerace tracks. And sometimes I post not my and my levels on

pole Nov-08-2018 12:16

Nice. Playing minecraft can give a person creative ideas. Keep up the good work.

danmekis Nov-18-2018 10:09

This level is retarded. Is it a glitch on how it looks, or a bug? Or are you just having login issues and trying to get a mod's attention?

GreatGaming Nov-18-2018 01:51

I think that is how he designs it

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