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Bike Race Level by AndZapTheRacers: 0jhvus
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created by : AndZapTheRacers on 2019-03-26

Treasure Map (Part 1)

AndZapTheRacers Mar-26-2019 11:24

A cool level (Unfinished) Part 1

AndZapTheRacers Mar-26-2019 12:01

14 CP, IDK why.

Zetoq Mar-28-2019 04:09

13.76 ghost. I like the idea, the execution wasn't there though. Cleaning up your lines and making sure things are inverted properly would help.

AndZapTheRacers Mar-28-2019 01:32

Agreed Zetoq. By the way thanks for checking out my first level.

Zetoq Mar-29-2019 06:58

No problem man, looking forward to your future creations. Having this unique approach early on is great.

AndZapTheRacers Mar-29-2019 01:30

Thanks! By the way, how do you go down a line in a comment?

Average Rating: 4.00

MarkA has 97 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.