Custom Bike Race Level : 13lzru

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Bike Race Level by GamerBikeLegend: 13lzru
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created by : GamerBikeLegend on 2015-06-29

fast and fun made level

Zetoq Jun-29-2015 06:15

11.9 across with step at E7

Freddy101 Jun-29-2015 08:14

Level is ok, some incorrectly inverted lines + bottom left-middle does not flow at all. 12.85 with step at E7

zbik Jun-30-2015 01:12

11.85 editor

BikeRaceM Jun-30-2015 02:43

11.37 acro

Average Rating: 6.00

MarkA has 90 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.