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Bike Race Level by timootje4nov: 18eyjj
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created by : timootje4nov on 2018-01-26

I tried to combine both MarkA and Ahmadmob styles in one level and came up with this. Have fun.

MarkA Jan-27-2018 06:39

14.69 Acro. Not a bad level but there are several spots that could have been cleared up.

TwinsRRUs Jan-27-2018 08:08

11.78 Agile on editor. Fun.

timootje4nov Jan-29-2018 02:17

MarkA, can you explain your 'spots' please :)

MarkA Jan-29-2018 10:09

Well it sure does suck that we can't use the grid system any more. To start that first loop isn't lines up right. You can't drive right into it without bouncing. The shoot part could have been rounded better and that last basin was rough as hell to drive on. Just a few minor touch ups would have been nice.

MarkA Jan-29-2018 09:03

Try gntitu

timootje4nov Jan-29-2018 10:49

Okay, that mod is a lot better indeed. I made the last basin that rough on purpose, so I didn’t mind it. I agree on the other spots you pointed out though, thanks for the feedback and the mod!

timootje4nov Jan-29-2018 11:04

Shortcut is pretty hard on your version tho

AcroPlayer Jan-30-2018 04:54

13.92 acro nice level timo would give it a 9

MarkA Jan-30-2018 07:10

Yes I made it

MarkA Jan-30-2018 07:11

I was wondering why the last part was so bumpy. Didn't consider it was done on purpose.

FireWalls Feb-07-2018 03:43

11.86 ghost bike

FireWalls Feb-07-2018 03:47

11.59 agile soul

Average Rating: 8.25

MarkA has 97 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.