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Bike Race Level by brnooob: 1ada90
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created by : brnooob on 2019-03-18

found a cool level on the editor, not mine!

brnooob Mar-18-2019 05:28

8.50 normal bike

Zetoq Mar-18-2019 06:51

7.41 acro, sloppy

JasonUlrich Mar-19-2019 12:21

8.15 normal bike.

FortnitePro Mar-19-2019 12:00

7.38 acro lul, gonna try to beat ur 8.15 normal jason

Zetoq Mar-19-2019 12:26

7.06 acro, check

FortnitePro Mar-19-2019 05:46


JasonUlrich Mar-20-2019 01:57

Who are you FortnitePro? i mean like your real name.

Zetoq Mar-20-2019 04:08

FortnitePro is Zachary Ayres + 6.88 acro

FortnitePro Mar-20-2019 01:47

Wow @zetoq, exposin my name and im comin for that time

FortnitePro Mar-20-2019 01:55

6.80 acro 😎

GreatGaming Mar-20-2019 04:18

Arco battle huh? @Fortnite Pro how many times did you win and lose against Zetoq?

GreatGaming Mar-20-2019 04:30

7.47 arco and 8.87 normal.

Zetoq Mar-20-2019 04:53

Multiplayer or ucl's Great? And 6.78 acro 8)

FortnitePro Mar-20-2019 06:09


FortnitePro Mar-21-2019 07:04

@Greatgaming, i beat his time, and he beats mine and so on and so forth

GreatGaming Mar-21-2019 02:41

@Zetoq and FornitePro lolol when I said that I meant multiplayer wise.

FortnitePro Mar-21-2019 03:36

O, i won about 11 or 12 times, he won about 60 some times great

Zetoq Mar-21-2019 04:05


FortnitePro Mar-21-2019 05:24

Then let us use ultra ze, ill destroyyyyyy u

FortnitePro Mar-21-2019 05:26

5.027 ultra @zetoq

Zetoq Mar-21-2019 07:39

4.94 ultra on my second try..

FortnitePro Mar-24-2019 06:20

I do some hard cuts with ultra like des 2-1 and i got 6.67 on it and u do that, i knew sub 5 was possible, so sub .9 probs possible as well

TwinsRRUs Mar-26-2019 07:28

8.93 Normal Bike

Average Rating: 6.00

MarkA has 97 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.