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Bike Race Level by Abid: 1nk1dw
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created by : Abid on 2018-08-27

Hey guys, made a ucl that kinda looks like a racetrack! Hope you enjoy :D (VERSION 1)

AdnanH Aug-30-2018 09:10

Dunno whats the point of that massive line that practically ruins the level

zbik Aug-31-2018 03:37

I don't know why did you rate it 3. Just don't look at the line at the bottom and focus on the racetrack and then rate it

Abid Sep-01-2018 09:01

The line at the bottom is because I couldn't finish it in the editor without it @AdnanH. It's not meant to be part of the track :)

AdnanH Sep-02-2018 12:18

There's ways to save a level without adding lines such as that yaknow :)

MarkA Sep-12-2018 01:24

Don't think you can do that anymore Adnan.

goodmandrew12gm Oct-16-2018 12:48

9.47 Agile And 7.63 Ultra. Good Time????

goodmandrew12gm Oct-16-2018 12:49

And......................... 10.05 Normal

goodmandrew12gm Oct-16-2018 12:50

Lowered Down To 7.60 Ultra

Average Rating: 7.00

MarkA has 100 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.