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Bike Race Level by nairad: 1nux0m
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created by : nairad on 2013-10-23

I like the level. Hope you like it too!

nairad Oct-23-2013 04:05

13.09 editor

nairad Oct-23-2013 05:48

12.87 now

RoaRos Oct-23-2013 07:08

I thought i finally beated nairad with 12.97, and then i come back... i see 12.87 on nairad his comment. (It was pretty good English, right.....?

Michbike Oct-23-2013 10:54

? Where do you come from?

nairad Oct-23-2013 12:08

He's from the Netherlands and me too. We're friends.

RoaRos Oct-23-2013 12:49

12.72 editor

krioss Oct-23-2013 01:07

12.69 ;)

Average Rating: 6.00

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