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Bike Race Level by brnooob: 1w2mjd
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created by : brnooob on 2019-04-09

the shortcut is hard with normal bike, but not bad with acro.

brnooob Apr-09-2019 06:54

I got 7.33 acro, but it was really sloppy. sub 7 is certainly possible, maybe sub 6.5.

FortnitePro Apr-10-2019 03:15

Yea sub 7 is possibe, got 7.097 acro

FortnitePro Apr-10-2019 03:21

And 6.5 possible, just got 6.774 lol

FortnitePro Apr-10-2019 03:29

Yep, 6.175 acro, took about 60 attempts from the shortcut over the gap

FortnitePro Apr-10-2019 03:39

Sub 6 probs possible

GreatGaming Apr-10-2019 05:13

Why speed lines????

GreatGaming Apr-10-2019 05:19

I am noob so 6.83 ghost and 6.85 arco. High 5, low 6.

brnooob Apr-11-2019 07:44

is the shortcut possible with classic bike?

Zetoq Apr-12-2019 12:58

5.96 acrohog & 5.94 acro

FortnitePro Apr-12-2019 04:23

I hate u @zetoq

GreatGaming Apr-13-2019 06:01

@FortnitePro lelel is this a competition for best time????

Zetoq Apr-13-2019 09:35

Yes but it seems that I won so not anymore. Also 5.86 ahog and 6.74 normal, hart cut for normal

Average Rating: 6.00

MarkA has 97 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.