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Bike Race Level by mrturtle12212: 24ibqy
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created by : mrturtle12212 on 2019-02-21

it is impossible to do with ultra bike

Zetoq Feb-21-2019 12:30

9.3 tp. Could use a lot of work

FortnitePro Feb-21-2019 03:03

U sure about that?

FortnitePro Feb-21-2019 03:06

12.079, and make sure u put the bike on the line and dont do that to people who are pro with ultra....

GreatGaming Feb-21-2019 03:25

11.96 normal. It might not be possible for ultra or any hog but definitely possible for thunder phanthom :D. But seriously, this level needs a lot of improvement and like @FornitePro said, don't do that to ultra bikers ;(

brnooob Feb-21-2019 07:48

it also ruins the hog bike when you do that :(

MarkA Feb-21-2019 09:04

11.49 Acro

mrturtle12212 Feb-22-2019 05:23

if you cant do it with ultra than do it with super i did it in 11.74 with super

FortnitePro Feb-22-2019 09:29

@mrturtle12212, i pretty much use ultra all the time and this made me step out of my comfort zone

Average Rating: 2.50

MarkA has 100 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.