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Bike Race Level by AndZapTheRacers: 2hdudw
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created by : AndZapTheRacers on 2019-02-26

I know I know... It is a little bad for a first level... But it's ok! I created this in like 10-30 minutes, hope you enjoy! :p

AndZapTheRacers Feb-26-2019 09:23

lol (what)

AndZapTheRacers Feb-26-2019 09:24

:D Hope you enjoy!

FortnitePro Feb-26-2019 06:47

6.45 santa, watch the vid at the top to get an insight on how to make a better level, not bad for first level tho

Zetoq Feb-27-2019 06:12

Pretty good for a first level. Also, this website used to do its voting on a 1-5 scale and votes were anonymous. When it updated, 1=2, 2=4, 3=6, 4=8, 5=10. Those were quite old levels you commented on.

MarkA Mar-01-2019 11:32

6.49 Acro. What is the point of all the rest of the lines. Pointless!

AndZapTheRacers Mar-16-2019 10:25

MarkA WHY, but Zetoq thanks!\

FortnitePro Mar-17-2019 03:28

4.52 ultra, but yea the level could use some improvements, i could make a mod of it if u like?

AndZapTheRacers Mar-26-2019 11:30

FortnitePro you can make a mod of it!

AndZapTheRacers Mar-26-2019 11:31

------Best Times------ Normal - 7.05 Ultra - 4.67 AWD - 7.27 Ghost - 7.13

Average Rating: 4.33

MarkA has 100 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.