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Bike Race Level by pretzeljamjam: 3j5tx0
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created by : pretzeljamjam on 2016-01-30

found this on editor, not that bad but could be better, the creator is a ok rated person I think, what do u guys think of this persons level

Zetoq Jan-30-2016 04:51

4.05 acro. You should have modded it. It was well made. Didn't line up. R6 and S6 did not line up at all. P9 was sloppy. And G6 could have been rounded more

ImDesperate Jan-30-2016 09:31

Do you mean G4? G6 is an empty space...

noobandimsorry Jan-30-2016 02:53

4.32 editor I agree also don't SPAM the level of the user if you don't create it.

noobandimsorry Jan-30-2016 02:56

actually the circle at ST5 to ST7 is uninverted

noobandimsorry Jan-30-2016 02:57

mod: c58ucs

Average Rating: 5.00

MarkA has 97 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.