Custom Bike Race Level : 3m98ms

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Bike Race Level by Mark42: 3m98ms
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created by : Mark42 on 2015-06-06

Hope you enjoy!

martinL Jun-07-2015 07:31

14.20 editor

TwinsRRUs Jun-07-2015 11:41

12.5 Editor 3rd try and will try more later. Runs pretty smooth!

MehnameisJeff Jun-07-2015 12:58

14.48 Editor. Now let me try it with Wraith Bike on Bike Race. :P

MehnameisJeff Jun-07-2015 01:05

12.9s Wraith Bike. :/

CakeIsGood Jun-07-2015 04:45

It played fine, but look at the line inversion. None of the J/K circles were inverted properly. The bike is slightly under the line, and some of the lines don't connect.

Zetoq Jun-07-2015 07:52

11.32 acro, bounce off J7 to fall back then rush to loop

MarkA Jun-07-2015 09:12

10.96 Acro. Not too bad but not really much to it but a lucky drop.

aquarius7373 Jun-08-2015 05:11

Almost looks like the grip of my gun level

GameMartinCZ Jun-08-2015 05:27

13:29 editor I like the shortcut, but i don t know if you wanted it. But very good and easy level!

zbik Jun-08-2015 05:39

13.71 editor

Noahblais13 Jun-08-2015 08:11

13.2 editor

MarkA Jun-08-2015 08:04

All you editor people who like this level should be ashamed of those times. I suck in editor and I got 11.87.

zbik Jun-09-2015 05:33

now i got 12.76 editor

zbik Jun-09-2015 05:38

12.37 editor

Average Rating: 7.83

MarkA has 5 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 17. FYI.