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Bike Race Level by BikeRacePerson: 41ryjf
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created by : BikeRacePerson on 2019-02-22

this is my first level. to be continued tho. is it good?

BikeRacePerson Feb-22-2019 05:50

wrong screenshot

FortnitePro Feb-22-2019 08:11

Not bad for first level but try to make the levels more enjoyable and not so short but not to long. Ive also just started making some ucls so im bit of a noob making them but watch the video at the top to get an input on making levels.

Zetoq Feb-22-2019 01:48

Screenshots are broken BikeRacePerson, don't worry about it.

Zetoq Feb-22-2019 01:55

Would like to see you finish this before I give a rating. I do suggest writing down a WIP build and do not post it on here until it is the finished project. Or if you do decide a to post a WIP build to put a disclaimer that it shouldn't be rated (for it needs to be finished) and Mark A or I can delete it after you post the full level.

BikeRacePerson Feb-25-2019 08:01

sure Zetoq we should just call you Z tho =)

Average Rating: 4.00

MarkA has 100 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.