Custom Bike Race Level : 4400jy

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Bike Race Level by timootje4nov: 4400jy
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created by : timootje4nov on 2019-01-10

Little credit to MarkA who made a crucial piece of the middle part

Zetoq Jan-10-2019 04:14

15.09 for now, nice cut, flows really well. Feel like the opening step should have been higher though. Good level though

JasonUlrich Jan-11-2019 12:43

Love this lvl.

MarkA Jan-11-2019 07:03

🤔🤔🤔 man it sure looks sure I didn't make the whole thing...😂😂😂. What was my code?

timootje4nov Jan-12-2019 04:35

Are you serious? In case you are: I sent you wsuohv first and asked if you were able to continue it a bit. Then you continued it to 4af5qc. I made ijh6jy with your middle part. You sent me a different ending (ak3iug) which I didn’t like too much. Therefore I cleaned my ending + the rest of the level to this level.

MarkA Jan-12-2019 12:30

😂😂😂 I swear I was dead I totally remember it.

MarkA Jan-12-2019 12:32

Don't get old...the memory is the first thing to go...hahaha

timootje4nov Jan-12-2019 01:38

Lol we forgive you :D. I wish your bad memory wonders why the hell the screenshots are broken and then you fix it somehow haha.

MarkA Jan-13-2019 07:45

Believe me I wish it could get fixed too. I would rather them be gone that have the wrong ones even.

Zetoq Jan-14-2019 11:08

Where's Aquarius? Doesn't he normally fix those issues?

MarkA Jan-14-2019 10:23

It's not for him to fix unfortunately.

Average Rating: 9.00

MarkA has 97 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.