Custom Bike Race Level : 4dooys

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Bike Race Level by BRProdigious: 4dooys
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created by : BRProdigious on 2018-01-05

I think this is my best level yet, please rate it :) Thanks!

timootje4nov Jan-05-2018 07:32

Not a bad idea, but the level doesn't line up that well. Also the second route is really rough and not fun for me.

FireWalls Jan-05-2018 03:54

9.69 normal bike, 9.00 ghost bike bottom way, 8.04 ghost the top sc, 6.18 ultra

Dance12 Jan-06-2018 07:10

agree with tim

Average Rating: 7.00

MarkA has 90 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.