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Bike Race Level by nairad: 4myv9z
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created by : nairad on 2013-10-24

This is the XMAP. Have a nice trip through my sci-fi map.

nairad Oct-24-2013 02:16

I'm sorry but the screenshot isn't working.. I tried to post the level again but it wasn't working as well. So don't think I post it twice for the rating or so.

nairad Oct-24-2013 02:26

8.68 editor

dance Oct-24-2013 04:45

Very creative!

MarkA Oct-24-2013 05:55

9.10 in editor. looks cool but not that fun. Do you want the other one deleted?

nairad Oct-24-2013 11:46

yes please .. I don't know how to delete a level. And do you know why you can't post screenshots on some levels.. Is that a bug or so?

MarkA Oct-25-2013 06:19

I have the same problem sometimes. I have talked to the admins about it and there is no real answer. My thought is this.... the times I cat get a picture to post is when I take a sceen shot from my phone on certain levels if the level is too long then the picture is less clear. The way they have it set up on here the site only allows pictues to be posted is they have a certain color pattern. To stop idiots from posting pics of themselves. That is my thoughts on it. If you ever see the black magnifying glas

MarkA Oct-25-2013 06:22

magnifying glass on the top of my screen shot I had to do it from my computer.

nairad Oct-25-2013 09:21

Thank you.. now I know what was wrong..

Tumppuri Oct-25-2013 02:40

8.9 acro, cool level

GhostPower Oct-25-2013 03:14

8.5 acro

bookatie Jan-13-2014 06:21

Average Rating: 7.88

MarkA has 97 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.