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Bike Race Level by Nickbakker3: 4tyxs4
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created by : Nickbakker3 on 2019-12-24

My first serious level, enjoy!

Nickbakker3 Dec-24-2019 07:46

Ok the screenshot is not right

Nickbakker3 Dec-24-2019 07:49

Can you beat my time? 18.53s with Italy bike!

Zetoq Dec-25-2019 08:26

17.65 hog. A good start! When building, make sure the bike starts on a line, TFG made this easier so it auto-locks the bike on a line if you place it close. Make sure your lines are properly inverted so you ride ontop of them as much as possible, you can do this by using the selection tool and hitting i when the area is selected. This will come with time, but try making the level flow more, you will see what i mean by looking at some of the fantastic levels posted here and how smooth they play.

Zetoq Dec-25-2019 08:27

And yes, TFG has changed the way screenshots generate and our html guy is out of commission

Average Rating: 3.00

MarkA has 53 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 17. FYI.