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Bike Race Level by Zetoq: 5r403p
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created by : Zetoq on 2015-09-03

One of my best levels in my opinion...

TwinsRRUs Sep-03-2015 08:20

I agree. Very smooth running and a nice design.

BRLawa Sep-03-2015 11:31

The upper-right side of L11 could line up be--- Oh what am i saying, this level is pretty much perfect! Definitely your best. (If there weren't errors with voting, it's a 10)

Zetoq Sep-03-2015 11:41

Thanks :D guess I should have saved it for when voting was functional

BikeRaceM Sep-03-2015 12:08

How's 12.91 acro? I think this is a very good smooth level

Zetoq Sep-03-2015 12:41

BikeRaceM, can I get you mp link or do you play it anymore?

BikeRaceM Sep-03-2015 12:51

Yeah here it is :)

MarkA Sep-03-2015 01:29

12.81 Acro for me. Pretty nice level.

Zetoq Sep-03-2015 02:39

Thanks Mark, what would you rate it?

OregonCoastGhos Sep-03-2015 03:10

13.08 acro. Flows. Not a level I'd play for very long though, due to lack of SC's or tricky parts.

MarkA Sep-03-2015 03:17

I would say a 3 maybe a 4.

Zetoq Sep-03-2015 06:24

yeah I don't think it's a 10. more of a 8/9 but there is a ghost sc, just extremely difficult

MarkA Sep-03-2015 08:34

Honestly it feels like an 8.5 so a 9 is right for me.

Zetoq Sep-04-2015 03:52

BikeRaceM, I sent you a race

Zetoq Sep-04-2015 04:00

I want this one to beat the level rated 9 on my board. That level wasn't that good, Matin, why did you rate 9 xD

GameMartinCZ Mar-04-2016 08:40

Now 13.04 editor. I change my rating on 10 :D .

Zetoq Mar-06-2016 11:02

This levels rating just keeps going up and down

TwinsRRUs Mar-06-2016 09:03

Should I vote then or does it matter after this long? :D

Zetoq Mar-07-2016 03:57

Really old lotw even still get votes, so I don't see why not

Dance12 Aug-02-2016 07:26

Why's everyone so fascinated with this? This is average.

Zetoq Feb-25-2017 12:04

Yet in my own opinion this is my best level...

Average Rating: 8.89

MarkA has 100 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.