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Bike Race Level by cameron: 5w8kcq
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created by : cameron on 2016-01-13

Key to success: Bounce

ahmadmob Jan-13-2016 01:22

8.5 acro

ahmadmob Jan-13-2016 02:02

8.28 now and done! liked it.

Aqua Jan-13-2016 02:33

10:18 editor

BRLawa Jan-13-2016 02:53

You know... This is a perfect balance of hardcore and average play. Needs to be in the game.

BRLawa Jan-13-2016 02:54

Needs better inverting though :V

warren king Jan-13-2016 03:49

8.18 agile also like it a lot

noobandimsorry Jan-13-2016 04:02

mod: mcxcru properly inverted level and has permission to submit it into BRL

NoBalls Jan-13-2016 04:08

stfu noob, also cameron can damn well invert it himself if he likes, whats done is done and nobody is going to repost it

BRLawa Jan-13-2016 04:21

Simmer down, it was a quick fix in his eyes. Let it be that way. The way cameron inverted it makes sense but teeeeeeechnically it isn't correct in my book. Still a golden level, inverting shouldn't change your rating in this case.

NoBalls Jan-13-2016 05:14

He's annoying and his input is useless

cameron Jan-13-2016 05:34

Yeah, I knew how I was inverting, I think as long as you know what you're doing with them and its close like that it's not a huge deal

MarkA Jan-13-2016 08:16

9.?? And I am done trying. That entire N10 sucked. The regular way there was so bumpy. D10 & O10 felt too high to me. Level looked awesome but didn't care for it much.

aquarius7373 Jan-14-2016 05:48

9.66 editor. I have to agree with Mark and BRLawa on all their points. The scs were obviously focused on more than the regular path.

cameron Jan-14-2016 10:10

Is there any other reason for the 7 rating or did you guys just not like the level? I feel like you guys got really harsh since last time I was here

NoBalls Jan-14-2016 10:32

Mark has always been like that, guess Aquarius just disliked it as a whole, he is normally not very harsh on levels he takes a liking to while playing. Still havent played it yet, sry. Will come to it today or tomorrow.

aquarius7373 Jan-14-2016 10:57

sorry cameron I don't mean to sounds offensive or anything. I really liked the short cut, but that's all this level had going for it. The main way just didn't ride that smoothly. 7 isn't a bad rating. Still means I liked it. If you look at your other levels that got 9-10, they have hidden scs like this one but the main paths all run much more smoothly and are a little more creative. that's all.

cameron Jan-14-2016 11:58

I mean it's fine if you guys don't enjoy it, I understand that I just was surprised at some of the responses. and I do know I could have improved some of the sections just wasn't as meticulous on fixing those things I guess. I'll put some more out there later to see if I can get back into the swing of things

ahmadmob Jan-14-2016 02:19

Yep a 9 mark, when we say we liked it that's because we rated based on the fastest route/sc, at least that's how I rate usually, we didn't care for the noob route obv :D also I didn't feel that the lvl needs inverting corrections, even if it does, they are not worth mentioning imo.

MarkA Jan-14-2016 02:41

That was my time not me questioning your rating. It was 9.?? I didn't remember it...calm down calm down

MarkA Jan-14-2016 02:42

I gave my reasons. It didn't play well. I haven't gotten harsh. I barely rate and play levels. I was excited to see one from you so I tried it out. Maybe your next one will be better.

NoBalls Jan-14-2016 03:40

Ya well it is as its always been, nubs and editor players, so nubs in general. Normal route works fine enough, no problems there imo, you should have inverted the right elevator line but thats all there is to it. Creating a second line to cover up both sides would have just given away the semi-pro route which is quite well hidden imo. 8.2 acro and not yet done in case nothing else comes up. A 9 from me, level was just missing something extraordinary. So no 10.

aquarius7373 Jan-14-2016 04:06

Saying elevator line should have been inverted but N10 shouldn't have doesn't make much sense. And none of the scs were hidden. Not to us editor nubs anyway ;P There definitely shouldn't have been a second line for the elev sc, as you said. scs never need to be inverted properly, as the only real scs are hidden and not obv. I'm only clarifying as it was a question in the chat

NoBalls Jan-14-2016 04:17

Didnt even notice that n10 should be inverted on the normal route since u bounce against it for a milli second, same actually goes for elevator, I just looked closer there. In the end both dont really matter at all and n10 is actually correctly around imo.

Zetoq Jan-14-2016 05:06

8.27 acro xD ahmadmob

NoBalls Jan-14-2016 06:07

8.14, that shall be enough

Zetoq Jan-15-2016 03:18

Ugh, was a pain to get my current time...

NoBalls Jan-15-2016 06:08

I was better to begun with unless u missed me saying I had 8.2

EpJet25 Jan-15-2016 11:24

8.5 editor awesome level! close to 10 i think

Average Rating: 8.50

MarkA has 100 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.