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Bike Race Level by DoubleSSRaceZ: 60h3sa
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created by : DoubleSSRaceZ on 2016-10-20

Weird janky level. Have fun. IDEK?

FireWalls Oct-20-2016 03:55

11.19 editor for now lots of room for improvement. 5/10 as a rating.

DoubleSSRaceZ Oct-20-2016 03:57

Am I improving? Also I forgot to put the barrier triangle at J7.

FireWalls Oct-20-2016 03:59

no, It is lining up the lines M78 is the main reason why I am rating it 5/10. There are lots of lines in the level to line up with.

BikeRaceWar Oct-20-2016 04:10

i like the start up to j8

DoubleSSRaceZ Oct-20-2016 04:13

10:71 editor fn.

FireWalls Oct-20-2016 04:22

yeah I will improve my time tomorrow

EricA Oct-20-2016 07:52

10.53 editor

EpJet25 Oct-21-2016 03:20

9.25 editor. You are getting better :) agree with Firewalls about M78 though.

Aqua Oct-21-2016 04:53

Start idea is stolen

MarkA Oct-21-2016 07:15

Unless he literally used the start from another level then you can not say that. 99% of levels have parts/resemble other levels.

marki13 Oct-21-2016 07:20

8.46 editor

DoubleSSRaceZ Oct-21-2016 12:01

Aqua if you think I stole BikeRaceWar's start from his level he posted exactly before mine then you are dead wrong.

FireWalls Oct-21-2016 01:56

Look again

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