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Bike Race Level by BRLbro: 63paqn
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created by : BRLbro on 2016-03-28

A little idea from MarkA but the rest i just got bored.

BRLbro Mar-28-2016 02:35

Bottom way is the fastest: 7.71 editor

Aqua Mar-28-2016 02:43

BRLbro have you ever tryed holding shift and making a line at the same time?

BRLbro Mar-28-2016 02:48

Yes, I did Aqua. Is there something wrong? If it is about lining up, than I must have rounded it to big. If it's about the bottom way, then please figure it out. Otherwise you want me to probably remove JK9. If it's about S9, well i did my best.

BRLbro Mar-28-2016 02:50

Have you ever pressed m, r, c, f, l, and s on Bike Race Editor to save your time?

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MarkA has 91 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.