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Bike Race Level by nairad: 6jn6ov
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created by : nairad on 2013-08-24

This is the best level I made!

aquarius7373 Aug-24-2013 01:26

This is the best level over 20 seconds ive ever played. I got 20.7 ghost

GhostPower Aug-24-2013 01:59


MarkA Aug-24-2013 02:44

Great level. Well made and played awesome. Post more! What your time Nairad? I am 21.26 acro. Ghostpower you should change your name to ultrapower.

aquarius7373 Aug-24-2013 03:05

Ghostpower - how did you get 15?? I flew theough it to get my 20

MarkA Aug-24-2013 04:21

Did you see what his new name should be? Ultra bike....he need to put that down with his scores now that he uses it.

aquarius7373 Aug-24-2013 07:22

Oh, gotcha. So my 20.7 is still pretty good then.

nairad Aug-25-2013 02:03

With Ultra Bike I got 12.0, 20.3 with Ghost Rider. Thank you guys for playing it!

MarkA Aug-25-2013 07:08

Thank you for making

nairad Aug-25-2013 12:57

No need to thank me, I'm probably gonna make more levels.

Average Rating: 7.76

MarkA has 88 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.