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Bike Race Level by TwinsRRUs: 75oeh0
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created by : TwinsRRUs on 2019-03-26

Basic Level - First in a long time :)

TwinsRRUs Mar-26-2019 07:00

Here an old one of Zetoqs that I liked and recorded.

brnooob Mar-26-2019 07:08

is it worse that it took me like 40 tries to get the first move, or that I was willing to try that many times without changing my bike the whole time?

brnooob Mar-26-2019 07:08

great level though. your levels are always fun!

TwinsRRUs Mar-26-2019 07:22

Been so long since I have played that the beginning was taking me forever too, although as I designed the level, I made it my very first try :D

GreatGaming Mar-27-2019 05:39

I could improve but 6.68 normal for now.

Zetoq Mar-28-2019 04:04

5.78 acrohog, long time no see Twins! Welcome back!

TomC Mar-30-2019 02:51

It’s very nice to see you back TwinRRUs. It’s been a long time., 2015 I think? The website has become a lot more quiet but we’re still here 😇

LinusJ Mar-31-2019 07:59

Awesome to see so many creators coming back

TwinsRRUs Apr-07-2019 07:10

It has been a long time! My life has changed a lot after moving back home a few years ago and working 7 days a week. Still enjoy coming back on here and playing some levels. Wish I had more time to make them again! Nice to see some old names that are still on here!

Average Rating: 7.00

MarkA has 97 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.