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created by : AcroBike on 2016-10-25

What is your way on getting good tournaments bikes pretty easy?

AcroBike Oct-25-2016 08:43

Mine is to reset your tournaments until you get the Agile Soul or a speed bike. Then play some 4 star tournaments until have the High Tech, Grim Reaper, Ninja Zombie, Old Schoool and the Kicka**. Then farm some 1 star bikes and level them up untill they are max. Then evolve those bikes into the Maniac and try to get 5 star (turbo) bikes from those 5 star tournaments! I am now farming the 1 star bikes so I should be able to get the Maniac in no time!

EpJet25 Oct-25-2016 09:17

it's a pain in the ass levelling up bikes. i'm still trying to get the agile soul after 3 months >.<

BRProdigious Oct-25-2016 10:21

Acrobike you cant get turbo bikes from 5 star races

BRProdigious Oct-25-2016 10:23

And my way is just special events and thats it .I got 3 parts of maniac, tp, awdavidson and grim reaper

AcroBike Oct-25-2016 10:36

What is the rare bike then? In 3 star you have the awdhog thing, in 2 star awd, in 1 star none, in 4 star pirate and high tech, ?

martinL Oct-25-2016 10:43

how you reset your tournaments on ios?

MarkA Oct-25-2016 11:17

Special tournies or buy rubies. I have 37/37 bikes

AcroBike Oct-25-2016 11:31

IDK, I am an android user, but you can always reinstall bike race

FireWalls Oct-25-2016 02:22

MarkA thanks for the notice of how many bikes you have.

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