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Bike Race Level by GreatGaming: 7jbm13
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created by : GreatGaming on 2018-11-14

Simple level with idea taken from bdoij0. Example of what I rate is in comments.

GreatGaming Nov-14-2018 11:56

I would rate a 2 to this code: r1afcb (made by me on purpose). Reason being is because of these issues: not lined up well, bike is not on the line, two circles are not being used, doesn't play well, and it looks bad.

GreatGaming Nov-14-2018 12:03

I would rate a 1 to this code: vvokz4 (made by me on purpose). Same reasoning as previous comment but it is also not that creative, level is super long, and doesn't line up that well at all. Bike is on the line though.

pole Nov-14-2018 12:45

so what about mine, Goodmandrew12gm, FireWalls, Aqua, ect...

GreatGaming Nov-14-2018 01:36

@pole just giving example of what I am rating to my opinion.

GreatGaming Nov-14-2018 01:55

I would rate a 3 to this code: maag47 (not made by me). Same reasoning as the other comments above except the fact that it is a little creative and level is not too long. There are many other concerns about this level that I will modify: it is not possible for normal because of first loop, it is not smooth, etc.

GreatGaming Nov-14-2018 01:59

I would rate a 4 to this code: 24cib4. Reason being is because some didn't line up well, bike is not on the line, some are inverted improperly (although it is not big deal), shortcut is way too obvious, and bad looping.

GreatGaming Nov-14-2018 02:05

I would rate a 5 to this code: w1ny0o. Reason being is because: flag is not on the line, one line is not connected to another, not super creative, and it is short.

pole Nov-14-2018 02:09


GreatGaming Nov-14-2018 02:11

I would rate a 6 to this code: mj2fzv. Although I loved the shortcut, there are minor issues that affect the level like: shorten the lines a bit or move the lines a bit higher, fix the circle by getting it into the center, and make sure it is lined up a little more properly.

GreatGaming Nov-14-2018 02:12

If you get rated a 7 from me, that means the level is meh. If you get rated an 8 or higher from me, that means your level is perfect.

GreatGaming Nov-16-2018 03:15

Best Time: 9.80 Normal

Average Rating: 0.00

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MarkA has 97 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.