Custom Bike Race Level : 8082vw

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Bike Race Level by danmekis: 8082vw
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created by : danmekis on 2018-02-18

Dropping In

danmekis Feb-18-2018 05:21

22.98 editor

danmekis Feb-18-2018 07:55

21.25 Agile

FireWalls Feb-19-2018 07:11

22.89 normal, and try to beat 17.80 agile soul. And yes, there is a shortcut for agile soul.

marki13 Feb-27-2018 01:40

in editor: 20.39 normal, 16.66 agile soul

FireWalls Feb-27-2018 01:57


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MarkA has 92 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.