Custom Bike Race Level : 840i1o

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Bike Race Level by DoubleSSRaceZ: 840i1o
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created by : DoubleSSRaceZ on 2016-10-05

Tell me your times rating and how you liked it also tips to improve. Thanks!

EpJet25 Oct-05-2016 02:22

tbh is this really your level? and is 1zs7ui really your level? it's really advanced with multiple routes...

DoubleSSRaceZ Oct-05-2016 02:37

To be honest, yes this and 1zs are my levels. 1zs was some level I found on editor and rearranged and added and moved and inverted it so it is my level 100% if I could find the level I made 1zs off of you would see the similarities exactly none.

MarkA Oct-05-2016 03:29

To be honest if you manipulate another person's level then it's not 100% yours no matter how much you change. Not saying there is anything wrong with doing that but a true 100% level means a blank screen and you add it all.

Dance12 Oct-05-2016 07:36

Agree with Mark. Are you the only one monitoring the site?

DoubleSSRaceZ Oct-06-2016 04:48

Ok, then not 100% but I was just trying to say it's not a level I found and then added one line and claimed it to be mine. That's it.

EpJet25 Oct-06-2016 08:11

hmm alright :\ not sure why you'd repost pretty much the same level again, but I liked 1zs better

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