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created by : Zetoq on 2015-11-01

Why do most of my levels need to be played a certain way to be smooth?

Zetoq Nov-01-2015 05:54

10.10 acro

CakeIsGood Nov-01-2015 06:31

I find that if you build a level around a jump, (like, ride the bike off a jump then pause and build based off where the bike ends up,) you'll have to do the jump the exact same way to make it just as smooth. Also, only test-riding on editor isn't the best idea, because editor works a lot different than in-game.

Zetoq Nov-01-2015 03:29

What are your times?

BRLawa Nov-01-2015 04:37

Smooth = Keeps the momentum of previous obstacle, in other words you don't bump on anything or cause yourself to slow down.

Lining up = Consistent transition from one obstacle to another that doesn't require a specific setup, but rather is flexible to almost every iteration of transition.

Smoothly lining up = Constant momentum between each obstacle or pair of obstacles. You don't need any specific way of entering and no matter the slight differences in the way you play, the level will still flow

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