Custom Bike Race Level : 8sxdy4

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Bike Race Level by Stoopy: 8sxdy4
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created by : Stoopy on 2019-02-03

i think this is my best lvl idk. what you think of it? :D

Zetoq Feb-03-2019 04:24

12.68 acro, cant figure out the best way to do the end. Rough level, nothing lines up and corners are incredibly tight.

FortnitePro Feb-03-2019 04:30

12.06 acro, pretty decent level and also beat ur phantom time with acro, also sub 12 def possible

FortnitePro Feb-03-2019 04:30

@Zetoq, u have my mp, watch how i did it

Zetoq Feb-03-2019 06:37

11.40 acro, I'm not seeing your 12.06? Sub 11 can be done the randomness of this level ruins every good run.

GreatGaming Feb-04-2019 03:00

12.41 normal bike

FortnitePro Feb-04-2019 03:43

@zetoq, i got 12.02 but 11.40 is insane bro and u left me a challenge XD

FortnitePro Feb-04-2019 03:49

11.32 now, ill send u screenshot on messenger, whats ur name? Mine is Zachary Ayres

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