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Bike Race Level by Zetoq: 8yqd14
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created by : Zetoq on 2019-01-17

Edit of Savana 5 - Put my own twist on it too.

MarkA Jan-18-2019 08:08

Um wow this is not Not the design or the concept just the build. Doesn't line up at all...🤔🤔🤔

Imfurp Jan-18-2019 08:45

The part at the beginning is very smooth, but at the jumping and landing part, it basically is an all or nothing situation. People will only be able to get a good run if they jump just high enough. If the jump is too high, the landing won't be clean and the run will be ruined. Everything after that just isn't smooth.

Zetoq Jan-18-2019 12:31 - I made a 50% speed video of the track, there was only 1 extremely minor issue and that's just because I suck with normal bike.

MarkA Jan-18-2019 07:14

Not sure what the video did to help your It just didn't line up well. I know you can do better.

Zetoq Jan-18-2019 10:35

I guess I just thought a video of a smooth run would show that it does play smoothly, only the jump is inconsistent for me though. That's just because I wanted it to still have some rng factors that the original level had. Also, there is a mini-cut that saves about a second.

timootje4nov Jan-19-2019 04:04

Start is nice, I like it. The rest of the level is rubbish to me. Agreed with Judah (lmfurp) about the all or nothing situation. The loop that goes to the vertical line is rough as hell l just bump on the curved edge. The curved part under the vertical line is just too small for the speed you have there. For the loops: try to give the bike some space for movement. Small movements now make the loops not lining up. Also in Savanna 5 the loops are similiar to each other, in your level they’re really differen

timootje4nov Jan-19-2019 04:05

Far below your level Zetoq..

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