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Bike Race Level by BikeRacePerson: 90ob26
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created by : BikeRacePerson on 2019-02-22

there is a board glitch

FortnitePro Feb-22-2019 08:23

Pretty challenging, i got 25 seconds with ghost

GreatGaming Feb-22-2019 02:32

19.44 ghost, unfortuntely the top route is no use because the bottom route is the shortcut. Rip. I liked the challenge but the 2nd route and the top route can be improved. And shortcut is obvious. If u kept the challenge, the rating would have been a 6.

GreatGaming Feb-22-2019 02:43

20.66 Normal with obviously shortcut. Subbing 20 normal is possible.

BikeRacePerson Feb-25-2019 07:46

i am working on it the top will now be for ultra only.

BikeRacePerson Feb-25-2019 08:02

Zetoq Delete this too

Average Rating: 4.00

MarkA has 100 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.