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Bike Race Level by TwinsRRUs: 9ezklw
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created by : TwinsRRUs on 2019-08-28

Going Up 2 - Fastest Route?

TwinsRRUs Aug-28-2019 08:29

9.28 Ghost both ways on editor, 9.26 lower on phone.

Rolltreppe Aug-29-2019 01:23

lower route is way faster, dont know how fast is possi le yet, 8.7 maybe

Rolltreppe Aug-29-2019 06:34

got 8.80 now with acro, thats fine for now, its quite technical if everything is done right so I like it

TwinsRRUs Aug-29-2019 02:54

Holy crap, nice time.

Rolltreppe Aug-30-2019 12:02

did you see that I gave the "compact" lvl a 10? build more like that :D

MaxIsHere1227 Aug-30-2019 05:56

Ahog anyone? 9.11 (updated)

boooyah Sep-03-2019 01:47

Haha Igor go away

boooyah Sep-03-2019 01:56

8.807 so far ❤️

boooyah Sep-03-2019 02:02

8.76 :)

Rolltreppe Sep-03-2019 07:35

slut :D but Jason beat you haha

ahmadmob Sep-03-2019 10:03

Got 8.60 acro with upper route. Are we are in 2015 again? nice to see some comments here from some veterans. I had to double check the timestamps of these comments. :D Anyway igor is a nub xD upper route is faster but I still wouldn't say "way faster" as that's an overstatement :D I think the best you can get with lower route is 8.7. My lower route time was 8.78. cool simple lvl indeed. 9/10 EDIT: 8.52 acro now also with upper route.

Rolltreppe Sep-03-2019 12:48

cheater =D

JasonUlrich Sep-03-2019 10:07

8.61 lower route. Havn't tried the top route "yet"

boooyah Sep-04-2019 01:17

Hahaha yeah he did beat me but i did improve to 8.68 hehe, havent tried upperroute aswell :D

ahmadmob Sep-04-2019 06:12

8.34 agile (lower route)

Zetoq Sep-04-2019 06:27

Wow, never thought I would see you again Igor

TwinsRRUs Sep-04-2019 09:22

Lots of old faces showing up! Nice to see! Holy crap guys, awesome times!

DoubleSSRaceZ Sep-05-2019 04:46

This is really nice I like it. I would nominate it level of the month.

zbik Sep-08-2019 02:25

Great level Twins!

zbik Sep-08-2019 02:31

9.20 on editor after a few minutes. Sub 9.00 possible. How long does it take you to make levels?

TwinsRRUs Sep-08-2019 08:23

@zbik Depends... This one took about an hour maybe working on it off and on over a couple of nights (Maybe 15 mins on the level itself and 45 mins racing trial and error time). Usually 30 minutes to an hour I suppose, mostly due to the racing it over and over again making slight adjustments. In the past I have spent upwards of 2 or 3 hours on a single level while some have taken all of 5 to 10 minutes.

LinusJ Sep-20-2019 09:00

Had to check the dates for this, thought some old level snuck in hahah

timootje4nov Oct-11-2019 01:17

Wow, lot's of old boys back in town

Imfurp Oct-20-2019 12:52

Nice level. Simple but still effective

Imfurp Oct-20-2019 12:53

My acro time is 8.25 with the top route

Dance12 Oct-24-2019 08:56

9.15 acro bottom way and that's as fast as i think im gunna get it. wow yall r fast

Average Rating: 8.86

zbik 10

MarkA has 50 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 17. FYI.