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Bike Race Level by brnooob: 9f3ydd
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created by : brnooob on 2019-02-28

try for under 15.00 seconds

brnooob Feb-28-2019 09:32

14.32 normal bike

Kim M Feb-28-2019 11:11

11.05 acro

FortnitePro Feb-28-2019 01:31

8.58 Santa

GreatGaming Feb-28-2019 05:41

Reason being is some lines are not lined up and the tunnel just is not best for me. I just love the idea though.

GreatGaming Feb-28-2019 05:47

@brnooob can u send me a vid of how you got 14.32 normal bike??? I got 8.40 Agile soul now.

FortnitePro Mar-01-2019 05:53

@GreatGaming i got 8.36 agile

Zetoq Mar-01-2019 01:30

8.23 agile

brnooob Mar-01-2019 05:00

I can't record, but I can explain. so you know how you go from the second ladder to the horizontal one? I did that on the first ladder.

MarkA Mar-01-2019 11:25

10.42 Acro. Not a fan of it.

Average Rating: 5.60

MarkA has 100 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.