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Bike Race Level by DoubleSSRaceZ: afzb1d
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created by : DoubleSSRaceZ on 2016-08-08

Sorry for being fraudgelent in my claims of levels. To make up I spent 30+ Mins making my OWN level.

BikeRaceWar Aug-08-2016 12:31

u shud look at lv by dance, epjet, aqua... it might help you become a better lv maker

DoubleSSRaceZ Aug-08-2016 12:36

Could someone please make a mod? Just to fix some of the inverted lines that are messed up.

FireWalls Aug-08-2016 04:12

But first you should watch a how to make a level video and look at the levels that is rated a 7 or up.

Dance12 Aug-08-2016 06:18

Also look at levels by ahmadmob, josh, NoBalls, Bazinga!, MarkA, TwinsRRUs, nairad, JustinR, justinrando, BurnA, aquarius7373, cameron, OscarJ, and krioss.

Dance12 Aug-08-2016 06:19

Also I would only look at levels with a high eight or above.

Zetoq Aug-08-2016 07:27

I like how you didn't refer to me Dance, considering I have a higher level rating avg than you (not h8ing just stating a fact cuz I never get noticed xD)

zbik Aug-09-2016 02:42

9.32 editor third try

EpJet25 Aug-09-2016 05:56

Haha Zetoq x)

Double, you might want to start with simpler levels and try to make them less messy.

MarkA Aug-09-2016 01:21

8.63 Acro and it can be done much faster

Dance12 Aug-09-2016 05:43

Oh sorry Zetoq X-D I didn't forget to list you too, was an unfortunate accident, lol :-D

Dance12 Aug-09-2016 05:44

I was mostly thinking of old users, so I guess that's why you didn't come to mind :-)

EpJet25 Aug-10-2016 11:54


I think you meant Boooyah ;)

Dance12 Aug-10-2016 05:16

:-D Yass!

Zetoq Aug-11-2016 11:57

I'm not new either though

Dance12 Aug-11-2016 05:42

9.9 to me you are.

Average Rating: 3.33

MarkA has 12 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 17. FYI.