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Bike Race Level by Zetoq: amvdbb
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created by : Zetoq on 2019-01-19

My last *for now?

FortnitePro Jan-19-2019 09:50

12.48 normal and 11.32 acro, fun level bro :D

TomC Jan-20-2019 03:01

It’s been a pleasure to be having you here bro. Now go out and live your life to the fullest.

Zetoq Jan-20-2019 05:29

Still going to be around here playing/rating, I'm just burnt out at just under 200 levels. Not very good at creating anymore so I'll work on my playing now, probably do some licenses and maybe actually get an upload schedule for YT. Appreciate the kind words!

TomC Jan-20-2019 06:40

Good luck bro. I’m getting back into creating again and I’m getting back into the game too, especially me vs martijnL

TomC Jan-20-2019 06:42

Anyway can I play against you in MP?

TomC Jan-20-2019 06:52

8.61 agile soul. Best I can do

Zetoq Jan-20-2019 08:00

Ooh, I want to get Martin's mp again, we had a looong ghost battle that went over about 2 years, I think? My mp is - if that doesn't work you can find me on facebook "ZeToq Plays"

FortnitePro Jan-20-2019 09:12

@Zetoq, can i play u?

Zetoq Jan-20-2019 11:10

Of course! I love doing MP, just let me know who you are if you have a different ign.

Zetoq Jan-20-2019 11:12

Also, beat 8.86 agile.

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