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Bike Race Level by FireWalls: b42aql
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created by : FireWalls on 2018-08-16

Granny Level 3: Just now athen, Granny is having a bad day. He tried so hard that he needs to slow down a little bit more. (continued in comments)

FireWalls Aug-16-2018 03:28

He is tired. He cannot reach it this far any more. He bought a brand new lamburgini. But still that lamburgini he bought, is now broken right after he got in a car accident. Luckly, he survived this car crash.

FireWalls Aug-16-2018 03:44

10.30 normal, 9.70 ghost, 7.60 ultra

TwinsRRUs Aug-19-2018 08:32

I like it. Only 11.93 in editor though.

FireWalls Aug-20-2018 03:38

But why a 6??

Abid Aug-27-2018 11:17

9.51 Acro (improvable). Loved it! Solid 9/10 for me :)

FireWalls Aug-28-2018 05:34

thx Abid <3

Average Rating: 7.33

MarkA has 100 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.