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Bike Race Level by Zetoq: buuh58
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created by : Zetoq on 2018-12-25

Tried a different style

Zetoq Dec-26-2018 08:47

16.18 acro. I challenge someone to <16 this. This is becoming my favorite level of mine :o

MarkA Dec-27-2018 10:18

So done at 16.32 Acro. There are too many spots that kill a good run and it's way too frustrating to keep trying.

Zetoq Dec-27-2018 03:45

I've just played it so much I've gotten consistent. The only troublesome part for me is the bounce.

MarkA Dec-27-2018 03:58

The first loop coming out and trying to lean into the second loop up I can't do it too hard or it doesn't line up. Then the bounce for sure. Then coming off the backwards ramp you have to lean back or you hit that next line too.

Zetoq Dec-27-2018 05:20

Cant be too easy... and it doesn't line up because acro mechanics are different than editor. I just need to do a better job at balancing them both.

MarkA Dec-27-2018 05:43

Not that you asked or need any tips but I always made normal bike run good with a little extra room so that Acro would run perfectly. I mean Acro is the best bike of all time....well it was before they made all these other cool bikes.

Zetoq Dec-27-2018 07:34

Yeah, and I have the ability now to test run with the editor's acro, or even just load the level on my phone before I upload it.

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