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Bike Race Level by TomC: bx8qjd
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created by : TomC on 2019-04-06

I will reuse alot of part of this level

Zetoq Apr-06-2019 11:09

6.78 ultra, really fun with ultra, 9.29 acro as well. Great stuff

MarkA Apr-08-2019 07:11

That is a pretty nice level. I liked it with ghost best for some reason.

TomC Apr-10-2019 10:39

I think I should have done better on the top route. The 4 point bounce is good but i need some help changing the switchback on the end of the line, I think I could make it a bit better. Any ideas?

MarkA Apr-10-2019 07:16

I don't have any. It is what it is now. I say move on to the next creation.

TomC Apr-12-2019 11:10


Racerking Apr-23-2019 10:50

Good one. Havent ever seen you here? Seems like your an OG player ;) ?

Average Rating: 8.50

MarkA has 97 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.