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Bike Race Level by Imfurp: c0v1iy
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created by : Imfurp on 2019-01-04

One of the two levels I think weren't good enough for the tournament.

MarkA Jan-07-2019 04:11

I am at 18.72 Acro and feel like I am missing something big. What's a good time for acro?

Imfurp Jan-09-2019 11:48

@MarkA you probably didn't do the sc. I did this in a grind of 10 -20 mins and I don't want to improve it because this level is so annoying lmao

Imfurp Jan-09-2019 11:51

Btw, how do you put youtube videos in the comment sections of brl without having to follow the link?

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MarkA has 97 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.