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Bike Race Level by timootje4nov: cgwpbf
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created by : timootje4nov on 2017-11-09

A combination of art and just a good level I think! I miss the good old correct screenshot days...

AdnanH Nov-12-2017 01:00

10.90 normal bike. Perfect level in terms of design and playability imo

timootje4nov Nov-14-2017 12:29

Thanks Adnan!!

AdnanH Nov-16-2017 07:55

No problem. Now got 10.29 normal bike

timootje4nov Nov-16-2017 10:11

Decent time I’m at 10.17 normal, sub 10 with acro is actually an elite time I guess

AaronQin Oct-16-2018 03:45

got 10.99 in normal

Aqua Mar-30-2019 11:56

well done

Racerking Apr-24-2019 08:17

really nice level, flows very good. only 9 of 10 because its apple xD

pooop Aug-10-2020 10:37


Average Rating: 8.83

MarkA has 5 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 17. FYI.