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Bike Race Level by BRLawa: cryrgv
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created by : BRLawa on 2017-06-24


BRLawa Jun-24-2017 09:12

Whoever said the 3 star times were too easy -- Sorry about that. I tried to avoid it this time. :)

timootje4nov Jun-24-2017 10:02

Challenging 3 star time indeed! I kept playing it, good job lawa. 8.5 for me!

bassarazzi Jun-24-2017 10:36

Looking good, Id give it a 9.00

pretzeljamjam Jun-24-2017 12:12

It's ok

ahmadmob Jun-24-2017 04:43

6.9 with both acro and ahog, sc was so annoying that it's hard to know if possible or not from first look at the lvl. :) 8.5/10

EricA Jun-24-2017 08:25

Meh, it was ok

EpJet25 Jun-25-2017 03:54

Sometimes simple is good :) Reminds me of Zetoq's Christmas 1. Is this another 30 minute level?

BRLawa Jun-25-2017 06:06

Nah. I had someone else test the level and give me feedback/criticism so I could make changes that were necessary before posting. This one was a more prepared level. I would say I probably spent ~90 minutes cumulatively on this.

LarsHuiskes Jul-02-2017 04:31

like it

Average Rating: 8.17

MarkA has 96 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.