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Bike Race Level by FortnitePro: d430ov
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created by : FortnitePro on 2019-02-09

Please give me feedback on how i can improve, second level here u go

Zetoq Feb-10-2019 04:33

6.25 acro, enjoyed the start. There wasnt much to the level though. Also, this is just me being picky, try to make sure the bike is perfectly on the line.

FortnitePro Feb-10-2019 08:43

@Zetoq, ok, ill try to make it perfectly on line next time, i actually had good editor time when verifying the level, it was 6.52 or 6.58 editor

GreatGaming Feb-11-2019 04:44

I loved the skill required to complete the level but you could do better

AndZapTheRacers Mar-29-2019 01:35

5.66 Ultra and 8.63 AcroHog, I could make a mod of it if you would like?

FortnitePro Apr-03-2019 01:38

@AndZapTheRacers, all my levels, i dont mind people making mods of the levels, just give me credit on where u got the mod from :D

Average Rating: 5.50

MarkA has 75 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.