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Bike Race Level by Emanuele M.: ddkrf4
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created by : Emanuele M. on 2013-12-12

It's not difficult, but it's not easy ;)

OscarJ Dec-12-2013 10:22

10.20 editor :P

BurnA Dec-12-2013 01:20

7.62 acro. That's a good lvl, also better than your previous ones ;) Btw i wouldn't mind you to one day reply on the challenge i sent you :p

OscarJ Dec-12-2013 05:09


MarkA Dec-12-2013 08:33

7.77 Acro I disagree with nicklas.

justinrando Dec-12-2013 08:37

race me acro

BurnA Dec-13-2013 10:48

Lol Emanuele, i deleted my race against u. I did tell you i'm driving with acro, why are you racing me with ultra then?? At first i thought, hm ok forgot to change the bike, that can happen to anyone. But u kept racing me with ultra and i didn't have a chance. And i hate when ppl do that, u wouldn't have had a chance with acro on the first map, i was actually pleased with my time and u destroyed it.

BurnA Dec-13-2013 10:48

I mean what kind of satisfaction does one get by beating an acro with an ultra bike?? When u see your opponent has a worse bike than u, u can just let him win and play with another one next time. Maybe i'll sent you another challenge one day, and then u r going to play me with acro if u want to proof u r good and a man

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