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Bike Race Level by GreatGaming: djlxn6
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created by : GreatGaming on 2018-12-30

The ending is what I love the most. :)

Zetoq Dec-30-2018 10:23

15.44 agile, does not work the best with acro but it was fun nevertheless.

GreatGaming Dec-31-2018 06:19

@Zetoq there is a reverse SC with agile. You could sub under 11 seconds with agile.

Zetoq Dec-31-2018 08:02

I'm not seeing it..? Can you give me your mp?

Zetoq Dec-31-2018 08:06

Ah, I see. 10.88 as for now. I did it the hard way before lol

GreatGaming Dec-31-2018 10:22

@Zetoq I figured out the way u took to get 15.44 agile. (I got 15.53 lolol)

Average Rating: 8.00

MarkA has 97 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.