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Bike Race Level by ahmadmob: dq48v6
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created by : ahmadmob on 2016-01-13


warren king Jan-13-2016 05:46

19.9 acro. Good level but more annoying than fun unless I miss a sc somewhere lol

NoBalls Jan-13-2016 06:04


warren king Jan-13-2016 06:18

Fs 19.4 now but still doing it wrong lol

ahmadmob Jan-13-2016 06:39

Yep it's a bit annoying until you get used to it, lvl originally was an idea by igor then I modded his idea and made it a lvl ;D

warren king Jan-13-2016 06:40

Yeah it's grown on me lol all I need is a good flick at the end n I'm sub 19

NoBalls Jan-13-2016 06:45

Sub 19 is easy, doesnt need a flick either

warren king Jan-13-2016 06:52

18.69 now finally but I had to flick at end. I'm a bit shit haven't played in a while

NoBalls Jan-13-2016 06:56

k wasnt easy without flicking Lol its barely possible to go under 19 then. Anyway, 18.31 now and thats my final time

MarkA Jan-13-2016 07:36

16.66 Agile. 12.07 blue Angle.

BRLawa Jan-13-2016 10:03

I like the ultra route but the actual route took me a second to figure out what I was doing wrong... Lol. H9 was very half-and-half when it came to lining up.

BRLawa Jan-13-2016 10:03

10.93 ultra

NoBalls Jan-13-2016 10:37

H9 is actually a spot where time can be saved if done right Lol not just stupidly riding some lines. I bet it wasnt intended tho

BRLawa Jan-13-2016 10:49

Yeah its fine with acro just other bikes like hog or normal have a little trouble unless you slightly allign it correctly.

Average Rating: 7.40

MarkA has 100 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.