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Bike Race Level by GreatGaming: dqolg4
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created by : GreatGaming on 2019-02-18

This is Version 2. Which one is better? This one or the other? (comment in this level if you think this is better)

GreatGaming Feb-18-2019 01:19

I think this is better for me.

brnooob Feb-18-2019 03:22

this one, because the other one has the possibility for a hard, but kind of disappointing shortcut.

GreatGaming Feb-18-2019 03:37

@brnooob I agree the ghost one. The ghost one is the easiest one. But like the ending tho.

Zetoq Feb-18-2019 09:08

11.59 acro, definitely a much better cut on this one.

pole Feb-21-2019 10:22

I agree with @brnooob here. Hey guys I'm back!

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