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Bike Race Level by swax97: dwgahm
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created by : swax97 on 2016-02-04


ahmadmob Feb-04-2016 01:55

5.95 acro. the bounce is good

Zetoq Feb-04-2016 02:45

Hi, 5.53 acro. Ahmadmob you could do better :P

NoBalls Feb-04-2016 03:28

either u mean 5.53 or u are even more retarded than usual

Zetoq Feb-04-2016 05:55

Both xD

ahmadmob Feb-04-2016 06:35

Haven't played it for long but 5.53 is indeed a great time

Zetoq Feb-05-2016 12:04

Took way to long though ;-;

NoBalls Feb-05-2016 12:28

6.0 acro

Average Rating: 8.00

MarkA has 92 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.