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Bike Race Level by MehnameisJeff: e5kxct
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created by : MehnameisJeff on 2015-05-03

This level was made: 5/3/2015

MehnameisJeff May-03-2015 09:48

This is my first ever level I made with a boost line. Also, this is my 3rd level I've ever made on Bike Race. Hope it's good for a beginner. LOL...

BNKProfessional May-03-2015 11:59

Kind of random, although somewhat fun. Normally I dislike boost lines, but you associated them with the level well. And you're right, it's probably a decent level for beginners.

Kim M May-04-2015 09:54

There is no challenge. But it's already much better than some the tracks I've seen on here. Keep posting :-)

MarkA May-04-2015 11:07

If you're open to advice I would say stay away from speed lines and check out the video at the top of the page.

Freddy101 May-24-2015 05:56

Personally, I like speed lines because I can experience a speed like ultra bike :-)

BatDuck Sep-27-2015 02:46

Best played with ultra bike

Average Rating: 4.60

MarkA has 64 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.