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Bike Race Level by pretzeljamjam: e7o4au
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created by : pretzeljamjam on 2015-09-10

my dad told me to get off

Zetoq Sep-10-2015 12:01

8.37 acro... how's that?

Zetoq Sep-10-2015 12:02

Let's see how many people find the shortcut I took

cameron Sep-10-2015 12:07

Stopped at 7.54 liked the sc, not sure if it was intended or not though XD

Zetoq Sep-10-2015 12:12

:P now I gotta get 7...

cameron Sep-10-2015 12:15

What's your link? So I can see your run

Zetoq Sep-10-2015 12:21

7.73 now

Zetoq Sep-10-2015 12:22

cameron Sep-10-2015 01:01

btw, pretzel, the sc route is nice, but the rest of the track flows a little rough in parts. Also, you had 400 unneeded boards, which is just stupid and creates lag. The 8 is high for the whole level, but its mainly just cause of the sc

echo88wolf Sep-10-2015 01:24

7.62 ghost

IK Sep-10-2015 03:21

What's the SC? I've been trying to go over the loop and I end in 13'

Zetoq Sep-10-2015 05:06

flick E10, bounce G11, bounce K14, land O14 and go to finish

Zetoq Sep-10-2015 05:19

Cameron check out my new time :D 6.95

echo88wolf Sep-10-2015 11:06

6.42 ghost going H9, flick between N7.

Zetoq Sep-11-2015 03:35

What's your acro time echo?

echo88wolf Sep-13-2015 03:16

@Zetoq I sent you mp link. you should be able to see my runs.

Average Rating: 7.50

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